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Get the edge you need to overcome legal ethics challenges with the help of Attorney Ashod Mooradian. As a former State Bar prosecutor, he knows the State Bar playbook. He understands how your case will be analyzed and how to strategically approach it for a successful outcome. 

Whether you need legal services, advice, or both to help you manage a conflict with the State Bar, our ethics attorney in Montebello can help.

At State Bar Help, it’s in our name and everything we do for our clients. We’re also keen on being a resource for lawyers and law students alike when they need guidance on how to approach and manage various legal and ethical challenges that come with being a lawyer.

If you need legal assistance during this time, consider reaching out to State Bar Help today by filling out our online contact form.

You Don’t Have to Do It Alone!

As a former State Bar prosecutor, Attorney Ashod Mooradian of State Bar Help knows how to handle your case and give you an edge over the opposition. If you are facing an ethical issue or you’re facing a State Bar complaint, or you’re caught up in an admissions, moral character, or other regulatory matter where your right to practice law is at risk – help is just a click away!

Since 2017, we’ve supported more than 100 clients when they faced important challenges involving the State Bar. By providing legal representation and services backed by experience, we’ve been able to help attorneys like you fight against complaints that could have cost them thousands in fines or even their licenses to practice. We’re also here to help clients avoid conflicts with the State Bar by providing proactive legal counsel to help them affirm their professional responsibility and compliance with regulations.

Our Basic Working Process

A Guide for All Legal Ethics & Disciplinary Matters

It’s not enough to be qualified to practice law – you must know how to do so according to the laws and regulations that govern this profession.

At State Bar Help, our ethics attorney in Montebello is passionate about helping lawyers and those who seek bar admission navigate the legal and ethical framework that we must all work within to help our clients.

State Bar Help provides free access to a wide range of resources, such as:

  • Answers to common issues of legal ethics
  • Detailed action guides for In Pro Per Respondents involved in State Bar disciplinary matters
  • Help for law students and other applicants seeking admission to the practice of law in California
  • Guidance on a host of regulatory matters
  • Access to a curated collection of helpful links to kick-off your research for your ethics, disciplinary, admissions, or regulatory matter.

Maybe you’re not sure how State Bar Help can help. If so, explore our Info & Action Guides to get a clear picture of the ethics, compliance, or discipline risks you’re facing and what State Bar Help’s services can do for you.

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“Mr. Moordian was amazing. Having dealt with legal ethics in law school, and repeatedly for MCLE requirements, he was the first person I can ever remember that was excited about ethics, and made you feel excited about them as well. I hope that I can hear him again.”

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“I highly recommend his office as the quintessential firm to handle your state bar needs.”



“[The most valuable element of the program] was the ethics, especially the new regulations. It was important to hear the ethical considerations and how to avoid violating them.”

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